Symptoms of a failed swing arm

  1. Abnormal sound can be heard from the side with the swing arm of the car during drives on bumpy roads;
  2. The steering wheel may feel uneven, requiring different force in right and left directions, and leading to compromised maneuverability and comfort;
  3. The positioning parameters are not accurate, and directional deviation can occur during braking. This may result in wear or damage of other components, and degradation in safety performance.
    A failed swing arm has a direct bearing on the vehicle shock absorption system, thereby greatly reducing driver comfort.

A failed swing arm may interfere with the vehicle steering system or cause steering failure. Hence, it poses a great safety threat, and should be replaced in time.

Symptoms of a failed swing arm

Name: swing arm rubber sleeve repair kit/front

Ref No. : 5C0407183A+1K0407182

Replacement Ref No. : 1K0407183M/1K0407183P/16D407183+1K0407182

Applicable models:

Skoda: SUP08-13/YET10-13

VW: BE12-17/BEC13-17/CA09-15/JE11-15/PA13-15