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1K0721261K-OE clutch slave cylinder

1K0721261K broken symptoms:1.The clutch does not disengage, feels weak, and cannot be separated or particularly heavy when stepping on the clutch;2.Difficult gear shifting, there are teething during gear shifting;3.The clutch cylinder has oil leakage; OE NO: 1K0721261KName:clutch slave cylinderBrand:Borsehung Applicable models of Borsehung 1K0721261K:VW: GO04-;05-;06-;07-;08-;09-;11-;/JE06-;08-;10-;11-;AUDI:A304-;SEAT:LE07-; Borsehung 1K0721261K is a pure…

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About Borsehung
Borsehung GmbH is a professional supplier of spare parts for European vehicles with a focus on Volkswagen Group. All products manufactured and sold under the brand of Borsehung are pure OE products, currently servicing the professional wholesalers around the globe. more

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