Quality Assurance

As your reliable supplier, we are offering you not only the products with top quality, but also 4-Year Quality warranty.

In terms of product quality, Borsehung GmbH employees have all viewed the principle of providing customers with quality products beyond their expectations as a benchmark. This is also the most essential and valuable experience Borsehung GmbH offers to its customers.

Although Borsehung GmbH by all means can ensure the quality of products, yet the Company applies strict quality inspection standards to the products on stock. Before the delivery of products to the customers, sampling inspection or overall testing will be conducted to make sure that only the perfect products can leave the warehouse. From the sampling inspection of the new products to the regular inspection of newly arrived products and to the periodic sampling inspection of all products on stock, the inspections are carried out from all angles. For the key spare parts or the spare parts requiring high performance, we will send them to a third-party inspection institution that cooperates with us on a long term basis for all necessary raw materials and product performance testing to achieve the most reliable quality control before delivery. Strict standards and continuous testing guarantees top product quality.