Should a loose steering gear assembly be replaced?

A loose steering gear assembly may be replaced if necessary. A failed steering gear should be dealt with depending on the specific cause. A broken steering gear can result in difficulty in steering operation or even render it impossible, and should be replaced in time. In the case of a steering gear failure, the main ESP failure indicator will light up.

Possible symptoms of a broken steering gear:

  1. Vehicle deviation
    If the car deviates from its direction even when it runs with normal tyre pressure and on flat road, the most probable reason is a problem with the steering gear.
  2. Abnormal sound when turning the car or operating the steering wheel with the car at a standstill
    If abnormal sound is heard during turns, or if there is click sound when the steering wheel is moved with the car at a standstill, the steering gear or a tyre may have failed.
  3. Difficulty in straightening the steering wheel
    If the steering wheel straightens very slowly or fails to straighten, the steering gear may have broken.
Should a loose steering gear assembly be replaced?

Name: steering gear assembly

Ref No. : 1J1422062E/180422055A/1J1422063M/1J1422075D/1J1422075L

Replacement Ref No. : 1J1422061AJ/1J1422055BE/1J1422063N/1J1422062C/1J1422062D/1J1422055BD/1J1422061AK/1J1422062B/1J1422062G/1J1422063Q/1J1422075S/1J1422075C/1J1422075K

Applicable models:

Skoda: OCT97-11

VW: GOB00-07/GOBR00-07/BO99-05/GOLF98-06/GOG99-01/BE99-10/BEC03-10

Seat: LE00-06/TO99-04

Audi: A3 97-03/AA3 01-07/A3BR01-05