Symptoms of a broken water pump on a car

A broken water pump on a car may result in three types of symptoms: unstable idle operation, leakage, and noise.

  1. Unstable idle operation
    Connected to a transmission belt, the water pump draws cold water from a water tank and feeds it to the engine for the purpose of cooling. A failed water pump can directly affect the engine RPM, leading to speed instability. This phenomenon typically occurs some time after engine startup, and may cause flameout under high power conditions. These signs can give a first clue of the failure of the water pump.
  2. Coolant leakage
    This is a common fault, and often occurs at the parts near the water pump, due to which some water can be found at the vent of the water pump. Without sufficient coolant, the engine can grow hotter and experience severe wear or even smoke or fire in serious cases. If such symptoms are discovered, first inspect key system parts (cooling fan, radiator, water pump, etc.) for any sign of damage, and do not use the car before the problem is fixed.
  3. Noise
    A broken automobile water pump can generate abnormal sound. Since noise may result from a failed internal bearing, a loose impeller, or separation between the impeller and the rotation shaft, corresponding parts should be inspected and repaired in time in order to prevent malfunction of the water pump and consequent inadequate heat dissipation of the engine.
Symptoms of a broken water pump on a car

Name: water pump assembly repair kit/TCG

Ref No. : 06H121026BF-kit

Replacement Ref No. : 06H121026AG-kit/06H121026BE-kit/06H121026DC-kit/06H121026DN-kit/06H121026CD-kit/06H121026DF-kit/06H121026CC-kit/06H121026CP-kit/06H121026CN-kit/

Applicable models:

Skoda: OCT 04-13/SUP 08-15/YET 10-18

VW: CC 12-17/GOLF 09-11/PA 09-15/PACC 09-12/SHA 11-16

Seat: ALT 07-15/EX 09-14/LE 11-13

Audi: A3 08-13/A3CA 08-13/A4 08-15/A4Q 08-15/A5CA 10-11/A5C0 08-11/ATT 07-14