What are the consequences of a hydraulic tappet with abnormal sound?

If a hydraulic tappet generates noise during drives, the need for replacement should be considered. On some large vehicle models, the problem can be solved by adjusting the tappet. But such adjustment is not possible for typical family cars due to the hydraulic nature of the tappet on board, and replacement is the only solution. The clattering sound of a hydraulic tappet results from wear of components along their length and gap, and may grow more noticeable over time. In serious cases, the normal function of the engine valve may be impaired, which will in turn lead to improper gas mixture. If things go worse, the base will be worn, and the problem can then only be solved through repair or replacement of the cylinder cover.

The length of the hydraulic tappet is adjusted by the pressure of the engine lubricant, thus making compensation for and minimizing the valve clearance in the valve transmission system due to thermal expansion, wear, or other factors. The hydraulic tappet allows the engine air distribution mechanism to maintain good airtightness during work and ensures smooth operation of the engine.

What are the consequences of a hydraulic tappet with abnormal sound?

Name: hydraulic tappet

Ref No.: 038109309C

Replacement Ref No.: 038109309A/038109309B

Applicable models:

Skoda: FAB 00-10/FABI 09-14/OCT 01-13/RO 06-10/SUP 02-13

VW: BE 99-10/BEC 03-10/BO 99-05/CA 04-11/CAMP 04-10/EOS 06-08/FO 05-12/GOLF 98-09/GOPL 05-09/IMD 90-08/JE 06-11/LU 99-06/PA 97-11/PASY 97-99/PHAE 02-07/PO 02-10/POS 04-06/SHA 96-10/TOU 03-10/TOUA 03-10/TR 03-10

Seat: AL 01-10/ALT 04-13/AR 97-04/CO 03-09/IB 02-11/LE 00-13/TO 99-09

Audi: A2 00-05/A3 01-13/A3CA 08-13/A4 99-08/A4Q 99-08/A6 98-05/A6Q 02-05/AA4C 07-09