What is clutch trio?

A clutch trio consists of clutch friction plate, clutch compression disc, and clutch release bearing.

As the most important component of the clutch assembly, the clutch compression disc directly shapes the clutch performance, e.g., presence of any jitter, the need for hard pressing, and the service life.

Quality of the clutch friction plate determines the general service life and shock absorption and noise reduction result of the clutch.

The clutch release bearing is a key component in the clutch release system. Quality of the bearing determines release efficiency of the clutch system and wear rate of the compression disc.

If any member of the clutch trio fails, the common practice is replacing the trio as a whole instead of merely replacing the failed part. For example, if the release bearing wears heavily, there is a strong possibility that the friction plate and the compression disc have experienced significant wear as well. Therefore, these three parts are usually changed at the same time.

What is clutch trio?
What is clutch trio?

Name: clutch trio /1.6L

Ref No. : 03C141031C+03C141025F+02T141170B

Replacement Ref No. : 036141032H/036141032HX/03F141031/04E141031C/04E141031CX+036141026L/036141026LX/03F141025/03F141025X/04E141026C/04E141026A/04E141026N+02T141153F/02T141153Q/02T141153H/02T141170B/02T141153N/02T141153R/02T141153E

Applicable models:

Skoda: FAB 00-04;05-08;07-10;11-15/OCT 04-08;09-13;13-17;18-/RAP 13-/RO 06-10;11-15/YET 10-13/KAM 20-/SCA 19-

VW: BE 12-16/BEC 13-16/BO 03-05/CA 04-15/EOS 06-08/GOC 12-16/GOLF 03-14/GOSV 14-/GOPL 05-14/JE 06-18/PA 06-11/PO 02-18/POCC 08-09

Seat: ALT 07-10/CO 03-05;06-09/IB 02-05;06-10;09-11;12-12/LE 06-10;11-13/TO 05-09

Audi: A1 11-18/A2 00-05/A3 04-17/A3CA 08-13