06H109021K-OE camshaft For skoda vw audi seat

Function of 06H109021K
The camshaft rotates uninterruptedly to ensure accurate control of air valve opening and closing time. In this way, fresh combustible mixture gas is fed into the cylinders while the engine is in operation, and combustion exhaust is discharged from the cylinders in time.

Common faults of 06H109021K:
The most common faults of 06H109021K include excessive wear, abnormal sound, and breaking, among which abnormal sound and breaking are often preceded by symptoms of excessive wear.

OE NO: 06H109021K
Name: camshaft
Brand: Borsehung

Applicable models of Borsehung 06H109021K:
OCT 09-13/SUP 08-15
AMA 10-17/BE 12-16/BEC 13-16/CAMP 12-16/CC 12-17/EOS 09-16/GOC 12-16/GOLF 07-13/JE 06-14/PA 08-15/PACC 09-12/SCI 09-18/SHA 11-16/TIG 08-18/TR 12-16
A3 08-13/A3CA 08-13/A4 08-15/A4AR 10-16/A4Q 08-15/A5CA 10-17/A5CO 08-16/A6 11-14/A6Q 11-14/A8 10-17/A8Q 10-17/AQ3 12-18/AQ5 09-17/ATT 07-14
AL 11-15/ALT 07-15/EX 09-14/LE 06-13

Borsehung 06H109021K is a pure OE product with a very competitive price, sufficient supplies, and reassuring after services.

When should 06H109021K be replaced?
If symptoms like abnormal sound or jitter of the engine of abnormal sound of the air valve appear during use, the part should be replaced.
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