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On December 18, 2017, the “7th Football Championship” held by Borsehung Columbian distributors finished successfully. The Columbian distributor partners shared the joy with us at the first time.

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8 teams participated in the football championship, which are named by famous automobile part brands like Borsehung, Febi, FAG, LUK, etc. Brand elements were adopted in the design of all player outfits. The players wore clothes with different brand logos, performing wonderfully on the pitch. 


The championship lasted for 1 month. In addition to the players sponsored by 8 brands like Borsehung, their families and friends participated actively and played separate games.


The players put all their energy and enthusiasm into each game from the very first minute, striving for the ball fiercely with a strong desire to win. The audiences out of pitch were cheering for their teams fervidly. After keen competitions, Borsehung team won the title. The football contest is of great significance as it deepens the relations between the customers while promoting brand awareness.


Thank the customers very much for their support and love of Borsehung brand. Together, we have witnessed the excellent performance of Borsehung team on the green pitch, and we will embrace a bright future of Borsehung across the globe in the future!

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